F Society

This post is inspired by Dakota Wint’s video, “Im trying real hard not to kill myself” and the F Society scene, from the TV show, Mr. Robot.

The world is incredible and magical undoubtedly, but also a majority of the world is a mess and controlled by those at the top.

So what disappoints me about society so much?

It’s that we can so easily forget people are human. It’s that we can enslave humans in prison systems for minimal “crimes” and then treat them like dirt when they are in. We criminalize people who dont deserve it to keep a business running, to make investments worth it and to make sure people dont lose their jobs. And then we try to make the people in prison’s life as hard as possible when they get out by not allowing them to vote, nearly impossible to find a job, get housing and function as a normal person again. Our prison system needs to be focus on rehabilitation but of course they dont want that. They want a constant cycle, so the criminals can keep coming back and making money, and at what cost?

It’s that companies thrive off of the insecurities of people to get their business. They continue to show commercials on clear, young faces to convince you you need anti aging cream, the latest moisturizer, makeup, acne clearing cream.They teach you you should never be satisfied with your weight. They don’t want you to love yourself. Loving yourself is a rebellion of all these businesses. Loving yourself puts them out of business. Loving yourself is a threat to everything so they make you question your self esteem and worth for profit.

In a capitalist society, we encourage lawyers, doctors, teachers and set traditional jobs and frown upon jobs that may be focused on the arts. We limit creativity. When we limit creativity and the arts, we are less inclined to think for ourselves and its what the system wants. They want us to be the puppets of their system and not deter out of conventional jobs and capitalism. And when you dont follow traditional jobs or even traditional education, it’s not easy to navigate life. When you fall out, they make it as hard as possible to pull you back in.  As Dakota Wint said, “We are the only earthlings who pay to live on Earth.”

It has been normal for people to be sad about their life, about their careers, about the monotony of their lives, about being in school all the time. We have accepted this as normal, its just what everyone goes through. Just because everyone goes through it doesnt justify this? Why are we normalizing dissatisfaction and sadness in our lives?  We cant continue to think we have no control because then they win.

They teach us that animals need to be killed for our clothes and food. They teach us that animals are overpopulating the Earth so we need to kill some of them. Humans are also overpopulating the Earth, that doesnt justify murder? Killing animals for our own use is the epitome of ego-centrism and thinking we are more valuable and worthy of life than other beings.

a piece i wrote:


“Its a privilege to consume media, to have multiple devices to do almost anything and understand whats going in the world

But living in America means our media is filtered. They tell us about all the murders, rapes and robberies. They can enforce control through fear by drowning us in atrocities.

We mindlessly scroll constantly every minute of everyday. And how often do we see good things? 1/1000 because good things make us happy, feel free and we’ll be appreciative of life and people. But bad things makes us scared and dependent on others. And its what they want.

They dont tell us about incredible love stories, animals saved from abuse, all the crimes that were prevented by incredible humans. Because we’ll love the world we’re in and they dont want that. Because once we’re content, they lose money and how unfortunate we arent worth more than a dollar sign.”

So yeah, thats what disappoints me about society. But I think continuing to be engaged in art and things that makes your soul shine, to keep spreading positive and great news in the world, continuing to fight for a diverse representation in media,  to question why the world is the way it is is and be unapologetically the most authentic version of you (as long as its not submerged in ignorance) is rebellion within itself.



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