The Beauty of Earth and Friendships

This was October 10th. One of my favorite days ever. With my best friend lil bean, Lilly. We spent the day at cafes, hiking and submerged in nature and i was so content and happy. Especially with the monotony of being in school, having the same routine throughout the weeks, it was freeing and humbling to return back to where i belong, back to rocks and water and trees, to remind myself why Earth is so incredible.

This is Lilly and she is absolutely the most incredible soul I have ever met and have the privilege of being best friends with. I think the start of our friendship declared how the rest of it would go. We really got close in Rwanda, on a trip we went on through school in late December, almost a year ago. Most of us were jetlag and couldn’t sleep fully the first night and our hostel thankfully had a balcony attached and coincidentally Lilly and I were awake the same time and I went out to the balcony and we got to chatting. And that was it. And I have never been more grateful to have her in my life. I manifested for years for like minded people to come into my life and in the most magical way, it happened. We talk about the universe, nature, education system, mass incarceration and every other social justice issue and life. To be surrounded by nothing but what the Earth has created and good conversation was so refreshing. We walked around this body of rocks, dipping our feet into the water and connecting with the Earth


After snacking and chatting and taking rad photos, we napped which is why the bottom half of Lilly is in the first photo 🙂 But this is bliss. This is what life is about. These moments. These moments when the trees are changing. The moments walking barefoot on the rocks that the waves of water just soaked up. Lying down on the rocks letting your skin soak up the sun. This is contentment. This is what its like to love the world you live in and what it has to offer. There’s so many good things and beautiful things and beautiful people on this Earth.

Soak it up.



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