“Where To Invade Next” Review

Louis and Raya (travel vloggers) talked about this film called Where to Invade Next by Michael Moore in Louis’ latest video in Bali and I immediately searched it up to watch on a full screen TV with my brother and i was in awe within the first minute, practically.

The whole idea behind the movie is essentially  comparing systems in America to other systems in the world such as prisons and education, in predominantly Caucasian countries. America is often seen as the most powerful country, land of all opportunities and for all people. Yet this is what we are currently dealing with among many other issues

Things other countries are nailing that America can learn from:

  • Italians get 8 weeks paid vacation and an extra month’s salary in December because they understand that the basic salary is for bill and another for vacationgiphy
  • Children in Finland do not receive homework because they believe children need free time to relax, not stress and develop as children and enjoy life. Happiness is their objective
  • Norway’s prison system is focused on rehabilitation and their maximum security prison looks like a dorm room and the guards do not even have weapons, they use their words for punishment. And 21 years is the most anyone is allowed to spend in prison


  • France’s school lunches are selected by a chef, school officials and the mayor to make sure they are getting proper and delicious meals.
  • Scandinavian universities are free and some people have no clue what it means to have student loans or be in debt.

This is just few of the most striking points in the film. This country that brags about its opportunities, freedom and inclusivity is the complete opposite. We have robbed people of their land and then built it off the backs of slaves. It has never been a country of freedom and love.

I think the issue with America is greed. There are opportunities to make more money and that is all the individual in America has been focused on and that is all we are taught to care about. Money and getting as much as you can as fast as you can. We have created everything into a business. We criminalize black men to reinstate slavery to have free or cheap labor to keep almost all businesses running (Meat industries, shopping stores, cell phone companies,  so on and so forth) Most things we buy were created in prison by the inmates. Its this continuous system that is poisonous and these inmates are treated terribly and they come out no better than they were when they were in and 80% of them go back to jail after a first time.

America can be so much worst but it can be so much better. We have so much work that needs to be done but we are too prideful and egocentric.  If we set that aside, we can see how much there is to learn from other countries and live up to this name of being the best country that we falsely hold.

Phenomenal movie with a phenomenal message.

Watch the Trailer Here

all the love x


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