Los Angeles

I made a recent post about my trip to  LA but that was actually the second time around. I went in August with my best friend, Lilly and it was more than I could have ever dreamed. Ive been planning to go to LA for years prior and Im so happy to say it surpassed what my imagination could have came up with.

We stayed in an Airbnb for the week, about a 15 minute drive from Venice and the owner of the house was so lovely and accommodating.

As soon as we landed, we went to Veggie Grill, as it was close to LAX and after watching videos for years of youtubers eating veggie grill, I needed it and omfg guys, Lilly had to make sure for me it wasnt meat because the texture and consistency resembled it so much. And I cant wait for it to finally make its way to New York. Some photos of all the incredible food.

We also spent a day a day in Venice which was my actual dream. Its the joys of the beach with crazy colorful characters like New York so it was the perfect mesh. There was one moment near the skatepark where people were roller skating, people of all ages, dancing and jamming and Lilly and I just finished our bike ride and sat to watch. It was one of the most blissful moments of my life.


And another day we went to the Griffith Observatory which I think has one of the best views of LA and Im so content with the photos I took there. There’s a museum at the observatory and a rooftop that overlooks the city and the view during sunset is unimaginable so hopefully these photos will suffice.


Spoken word piece about my love for this place”

Cali baby,


You make my soul ache out of joy of your essence

You make my soul thrive of of the beauty of Earth’s creations

You make me feel at place, at home in this city and in my body

I have never felt more drawn to a place,

and im ready to make my soul ache forever out of contentment

You make me feel at home in a place Ive only been to once

NYC has my body but this is where my soul is from

The mountains, the beaches, and the palm trees and cacti

This feelings of feelings is something to live by

And to live my life like Im in LA everyday is something I shall try

all the love x movesandmountains



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