5 Must-Watch Travel Youtubers

Youtube is a beautiful place for so many people to bring their creativity to light. Casey Neistat took over vlogging on youtube and after he finish daily vlogging, many people were trying to find other vloggers to fulfill them. Ive been an avid youtube watcher for about 5 years so I thought I’d share my favorite travel youtubers and give them the credit they deserve. rhis is in no specific order btw 🙂



brilliant edits, adventurer and worldwide traveler as well as a funny, friendly and daring person https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMWP4HIMIps

#2 Erik Conover 



new yorker, daily vlogger, traveler, positive and open person, so much good energy radiating from his videos.

#3 Felix and Selami (Expedition Happiness) 


World travelers, vloggers, renovated this entire bus and traveled North America to South America


#4 RayawasHere


One of my favorite vloggers and biggest travel inspos, so inspiring and keen on nature and changing the world.


#5 Louis Cole


Originally thought Louis was too obvious to include but thought I shall for those who havent checked him out. Godfather of travel daily vlogging,keen on changing the world, open minded and the most daring person I can think of. Inspiring others to live their best selves.

all the love x movesandmountains

Have fun binging on these vloggers!




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