So if you are avid user of the internet or even one of the plenty of social media sites out there, you would know that apparently for the whole world, this has been a crap year.

It’s like a meme and trend right now to have hated your life this year and why are we normalizing the fact that we have not lived this year how we wanted? Why are we blaming the rest of the world on how our lives went this year when we have most of the control?

Social media glorified a lot of problematic things but I think its kind of foolish and ridiculous to glorify how terrible of a year this may have been. This encourages people to remember all the crap things that happened this year to them, rather than the great experiences they might of have. There were clearly terrible things that happened this year but there are also great things that happened that people dont want you to know.

Great Things that happened this year:

-All the good music

-Harriet Tubman is going to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.

-Stranger Things

– Liberia was officially cleared of Ebola

– The number of cigarette smokers in the US dropped by 8.6 million

-Sea World agreed to stop breeding captive killer whales.

-Veganism is spreading like wildfire!!!


As a culture, we are so focused on the negative and whats going wrong and drama and there’s never enough appreciation of what’s  good in the world. In your individual lives, Im sure there’s plenty of moments this year where you thought, “I’m so happy right now, this moment in time.” Whether that was with your partner, with your friends, some event you went to this summer, on a plane, at a concert, when you started an awesome TV series, when school was out for the summer. These little joys make up our lives and make up great memories and a great year.

You made it this far and are making it into another year is a magnificent thing. Remember to appreciate that you were privileged enough to experience this year and make it through because a lot havent and others are in their hospital beds wishing they were where you are. I dont like comparing one’s experiences to another because if you suffered, your suffering shouldn’t be devalued or compared to another. But I do think if you are alive and well and healthy, that alone is something to be grateful for. So find the appreciation in little things.


all the love x


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