“What Do You Do?”

This post is inspired by a documentary I recently watched on Netflix entitled, Minimalism. I want to make a post on this in the future but Josh and  Ryan, the creators on the film have a website that inspired this post.


Often as an adult when meeting someone knew, one of the first questions asked to get to know someone is, “What do you do?” as if your value, worth and story is in the job you have and the money you make. The unfortunate reality in our world is that our jobs typically do not correlate with our passions, it correlates with what helps us get by paycheck to paycheck.

Often this concept of the American dream is used to describe the opportunities available in America and climbing up the corporate ladder to make as much money as possible and thats the “dream”. But as mentioned in this documentary, the American Dream is just a template, not a list of directions to follow and if you deviate, you’ll screw up. We are allowed to cultivate our own path that fits us.

We have placed our value in our jobs and money.  We have been taught from youth that everything leads up to getting a good job and making as much money as possible. There are people completely miserable in life making 6 figures. The system we live in is teaching us that we need to make money and the more we work, the more money we have and the more stuff we buy and we feed into this capitalist poison that has consumed us everywhere.

“A lot of people arent finding fulfillment in their jobs and they need some way to tell themselves its worth it. That its amounting to something more than a few numbers in a bank account. There’s more to life than bills, money and work.”

I think now more than ever millennials are realizing that they do not need to be in a corporation or a doctor or lawyer to be happy. That their income doesnt equate with their happiness. And all these things that we are taught are supposed to bring us happiness, dont. More iphones, more clothes, wait on line for the newest pair of sneakers, new furniture, wider screen TV, more makeup. Its constant, advertisement is everywhere. And when people get these things and expect happiness and it is not achieved, they continue to buy, hoping they will achieve this tangible level of happiness that capitalist society has lied to us about.

This is not covered in mainstream media. People who believe in this are the enemies of the 1%. Anything that discourages living in excess contradicts capitalism.

We are not our jobs and the money we make. We are our thoughts, our interests, passions and experiences. We do not need all the junk they tell us we do. They do nothing but cause clutter, stress and feed into fast fashion. Not placing values in things we own help our happiness, we can appreciate simplicity, it helps others working abroad for these products, the environment, your mental state,   and your bank account.

When we begin to focus on our passions and interests rather than our jobs and money, we can focus on ourselves and the betterment of our lives.

“When you recognize that this live is yours and that it is your one and only and when that ceases to be esoteric bullshit, when thats not hippie poetry , when the pragmatism of that statement seeps directly in your bones and you recognize that this is it, everything changes.”

all the love x movesandmountains


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