Poem about Being a Black Woman

I wrote this poem on 5/26/16 at 12:13pm

So unaware of your own privilege

You dont have to worry about your race being a factor if you get hired
Or if black girls are something he desires
Or if your passion for your people will spark fire and flame and you're to
blame because you make it all about race.

They say, "It's all over, stop hanging up on it." 
But its not all over because I still have to worry if my brother is gonna get 
killed by the police when he is the most innocent person I know 
Or if my attraction to white guys will end up with me being alone

Because they say, "I dont like black girls or you're pretty for one." And I dont 
want to be a constellation prize or a token to show you're not racist because I
know Im the greatest without your validation.

The sun hits on my skin and soaks it up rather than burning it because my body 
and soul are one with the universe and the earth and my birth should not be 
synonymous with my failure
because there needs to be room for growth, for me to build my own empire and
not worry that the white man doesnt want me to have as much as power as him.

"We aren't killing each other fast enough so they are speeding up the process"
It's all a lot to digest because for so long we were possessed and oppressed and 
once we got some type of freedom, they are scared of our growth and trying to 
backtrack time
But its a damn crime and we waited a long time to even be considered human 
and we'll be damned if you try to put us back there without a fight.

Whites are so often handed things and life made so much easier and wanting to be 
represented in black issues yet the whole world is your representation.
Your history is a gen ed and mine is an elective, nude clothes are for white skin, 
all media glorifies is the white woman, having a black person in the film 
satisfies a quota. 
We make up a substantial part of the population and still are not accounted for
But  black people are strong and resilient 
Hardworking and brilliant
And we will continue to fight with every being we have left because we matter
And its about time everyone else realizes that
all the love x movesandmountains

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