End Period Shaming.

Periods are seen as a taboo topic, and should only be discussed or dealt with behind closed doors.

As if periods are appalling  or a result of gore

In commercials promoting pads, they never accurately describe or show periods. The liquid they pour on pads is always blue, as if acknowledging periods and its red color are too fragile for eyes to see.

It’s never portrayed in  actuality, as if it’s not a sign of fertility, like a woman’s vagina isnt considered royalty,

in any other context.

Because of its portrayal in media, people are disgusted by periods. Periods are painful and require strength to deal with just like anything else the body undergoes.

And their strength goes unrecognized so I advise that a woman’s vagina not be a synonym for weak, but rather the feminine mystique

We use the terms of a woman’s vagina to demean someone and to make them feel weak and powerless, by calling them pussy, cunt or twat. As if a woman’s vagina doesn’t have a human come out of it, as if it isn’t the mascot

of endurance and power.

Periods essentially help give life to this world yet they make men want to hurl in disgust, refusing to acknowledge that this is the same part of the body that centers around their lust*

*obviously this is referencing heterosexual men to make that clear 🙂

We have all came out of a woman and yet are turned off by the very thing that allows one to have a child.

Periods are simply a cis woman’s body getting rid of tissue that is no longer needed. The whole world knows women get periods, its literally a factor in why most people born yet people are so disgusted by it.

We may glorify blood in other senses, when someone gets a tattoo or scrapes their knee from skateboarding or playing a sport, they may be seen as tough but yet a cis woman bleeding every month, withstanding cramps and having to go about her day normally isnt considered tough?

I remember seeing this post on twitter, like can you believe someone was actually so ignorant to tweet this.


Like there are so many cis men who do not understand how periods work and how the female body works.And women are not exceptions either. This guy has a multitude of tweets bashing women and their periods and classifying them bleeding as dirty. This is simply disrespecting all the women in your life.

There are countries where some women can’t even go into sacred places whilst on their periods because periods are considered dirty and they are technically contaminating the space. We need to normalize periods!!

Cis women get periods. It’s a thing. They can’t just “turn it off.” Educate yourself instead of bashing someone for their bodily functions. Periods are not gross.  They are not disgusting. They are normal. They are a part of life and you should not feel ashamed nor feel the need to hide that you have your period. Period shaming is alive and well and media loves pointing out celebrities that have blood seep through their pants.

When we are secretive about periods, it spreads the message  that it should be secretive and its something we should be ashamed of. Talking honestly and openly about it is what stops period shaming. Being unapologetic while talking about it and normalizing it will be the reason that periods will no longer be linked with something to be mortified over.

upon researching for this blog post, i found rupi kaur’s period post. highly recommend.

all the love x movesandmountains


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