Your Body Is Your Home

I was shocked when I came to the realization that a majority of women know other women who have been sexually assaulted. They have had their bodies taken advantage of. It is normal for women to meet other women and learn they have, too been assaulted. Their home that they can never lease, its theirs forever and some women have to live with being uncomfortable in it because of someone else’s actions.

Some women never feel at home in their frame again because someone invaded without permission.

Though, we haven’t all been assaulted, we can understand and connect with our bodies not feeling like home, not feeling like our own.


Whether you hated what you saw in the mirror and it never changed to your liking despite the effort you put into changing it. It was never enough and didnt fit you

Or you look down at your breasts and they dont belong on your body and your body was never yours because you were born into the wrong one

Or someone violently claimed your body as theirs to do as they please. Despite how long you were living in it safely before, you never gave them the key and they chose to kick down the door and you are forever scarred. Scared to invite anyone else in.

Whether it because of your mind or another’s actions, not feeling like your body is yours is not rare. But remember all your body does for you. For it is always running and trying to keep you alive. Despite how terrible you are to it, when it doesn’t get the credit it deserves, it is still thriving. Despite not getting the love and praise, it is still powerful and fighting to be here and for that, we should be more like our bodies. More like the homes we are worthy of having.

all the love x movesandmountains

*Just so it is known, this is not to apply that only women are sexually assaulted nor that all victims of sexual assault are scarred and uncomfortable in their bodies. 


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