Racism on Youtube-Response to Kat Blaque

Kat  Blaque recently made a video responding to Tana Mongeau’s N word video and white supremacy and its impact on youtube and online creators. I haven’t seen Tana’s original video and choose not to feed into the foolishness, but I do see the substantial amount of videos youtube is always recommending of white creators discussing racism.

White creators lately have been posting content about racism and using their platform to talk about racism and how terrible it is, and being really emotional about it. This is not at all to say that white creators do not understand or are not empathetic about victims of racism. But as Kat said in her video, when there financial gain in question and these white creators are making content apologizing for the n word and talking about racism which gets a substantial amount of views, there’s something in question.

Especially when they do not do anything to support anti-racism and the movements and take little action to support black creators and black people.

There are white creators who get millions of views in one day making meaningless content like cutting things with a knife and pranks. I am not saying you are obligated to talk about social justice issues on your platform. Some creators do want to keep their online space funny and a place people can go for a laugh and feel happy. And I completely understand that and am subscribed to some of those creators.

But I think the problem arises when these creators promote themselves as activists, changers or mention to fellow poc creators how much their content means to them ( as Kat mentioned), and then do not give credit where it is due. If you love the creator, share it with your million plus audience. If you stand for something and are about something, use your platform to make change if you are adamant about telling people you stand for equality and can’t to see the horrific things being done to minorities. Sitting in your place of privilege, as a white, potentially cis creator, use that to shoutout those who may work three times as hard, creating content to induce change and you’re inspired by rather than just keeping the content to yourself.

I think a great example of this is an incredible youtuber, Kyle Krieger. He is a white, cis, gay man and created a video about Racism in the Gay community. The thing is he didn’t talk about it from his own perspective and how it hurts him to know this is the reality of the world we live in. He bought in POC youtubers on his channel and discussed the issue at hand, to get first hand experiences from the subjects of the issue.

s3-news-tmp-90538-youtube_stand_up_to_cancer-2x1-940There’s an issue when Stand Up To Cancer made a youtube ad featuring youtubers and there is not one POC or LGBTQ person represented(as far as the ones I am familiar with).

Black and POC creators do not get nearly enough attention and credit as white youtubers. The issue isn’t that there aren’t enough black creators, it’s that they are being drowned out by white creators. This is privilege in its finest and living in a white supremacist world that glorifies and loves looking at white people. A key that is often unnoticed is that most people watch youtubers who are attractive and appealing to the eye and this eurocentric society preaches that white is attractive. POC youtubers have to work 324 times as hard to get the same recognition and attention as white creators. I will give a list of POC youtubers that you can check out. If you have a platform, use it to spread messages you care about or shoutout those who do.

POC youtubers to check out: ◊◊◊♥

-Ari Fitz (dailyish vlogger, lifestyle channel, also has a fashion channel, Tomboyish)

-Miles Jai (lifestyle and beauty vlogger)

-Fly with Haifa (travel vlogger)

-Nabela Noor (beauty vlogger)

-Patricia Bright (Recently became the first black Brit woman youtuber to hit 1m, beauty vlogger)

-Jenn Im (fashion and beauty vlogger)

-Zuri Hall (lifestyle vlogger, entrepreneur)

-Hitomi Mochizuki (lifestyle vlogger, big focus on yoga, fashion, positivity)

-Rickey Thompson (comedy vlogger)

-And of course, Kat  Blaque (Opinion/Social Justice Vlogger)



all the love x movesandmountains





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