If you were unaware, the past week and a half I had been in Spain having an incredible time. I flew into Madrid on the 7th of February, stayed there for a couple of days to explore and then headed into a small town outside of Madrid called La Alberca where I was doing some volunteer work.

Most of the photos from the volunteer work cannot be shared to the public but I can share my experience in Madrid with you guys.

I flew in Tuesday evening and took a cab to my airbnb, which was beautiful by the way. It was a studio about 20-25 minutes away from the airport that had an incredible rooftop that I took photos and did a bit of yoga and journaling out there. They have Uber in Spain but if you are willing, you should download Cabify which is like a Spanish Uber but cheaper! These are a couple of the shots from my the rooftop of the airbnb.


I explored for 2 and a half days in Madrid. I saw the classics, Plaza Mayor, Mercado San Miguel, Royal Palace El Tigre for tapas and margarita, El Retiro Park, Prado Museum. A friend that I met on the trip was couchsurfing and her host was awfully nice and drove us all around town to see some spots that we might of missed.

Madrid was such a rad city. I was worried about getting lost and not being able to speak the language but as long as you know basic phrases to ask for directions, you should be golden. I also expected a lot more people to know English but it was near impossible for me to find an English speaking person there, even in Sol.

The main tourist area is Sol, even if you are not keen on tourist areas, I would still recommend checking it out. And a lot of places were so close to each other, you can spend a couple hours there and then check out out some secret gems you may have been considering. This was also my first experience in Europe and I’ve been constantly hearing about how travel from one country to another in Europe is so cheap so I hope to be back this summer to do just that. Especially now that I’ve met so many local Spaniards through volunteering. The streets of Madrid were filled with so many different types of people and busy streets and I loved the atmosphere.

If you are interested in volunteering in Spain, you can contact me and I’d give you more information. The only thing you pay for is your flight and you are teaching conversational English for 8 days. It’s not as formal as how one typically teaches English, its literally sitting down and speaking with Spanish people(adults) in  English and Im hoping to go back in the summer. So feel free to ask if you are interested in volunteering in Spain.

all the love x movesandmountains


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