Black Boy Joy.

Black boy,

You are strength personified

Not in the way the veins pop out of your arms or the indentation of the abs you’re supposed to have or the creases of your back, but the way you keep going and keep shining.

Black boy,

you have the odds stacked against you because their minds have been sculpted to think you are the worst there is and you are guilty of any and all crime, despite evidence showing otherwise because your skin color means no good in their eyes. But black boy, you continue to rise through internal cries, internal because you are not allowed to to be weak, to show suffering or delicacy at any time.

They belittle and criminalize and demonize you and then tell you you can’t show any emotion over it. Unless its anger. They love when you’re angry. It fuels their fire and they thrive off of your rage, further stereotyping you and then locking you away in America’s cage of modern day slavery.

But baby boy, burn some sage and learn to disengage.

Black boy, you are joy personified.

There’s so much life and story in that smile, behind those eyes and in that thick hair and in that fragile heart.

Black boy,

you need to support your black women more for we are in this together and the odds are stacked against us both, so please support me as I support you. And not for the curves we have or the pleasure you receive but for the strength to fight for ourselves and you, for bringing black children into this world proudly but fearfully. For continuously educating ourselves, for experiencing the world and conquering it at the same time. We love you and we need your love too.

Black boy,

The entertainment industry isn’t your only route to success. They praise you in basketball and rap but discourage you elsewhere.

You are capable and allowed to leap bounds as you please and climb the trees our ancestors planted for us to succeed because you are a magical human being and I need you to keep going black boy because the world needs to see more of that black boy joy.


Inspired by this incredible project called “Hooded” by Myles Loftin about redefining how media perceives black men.

all the love x movesandmountains


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