Dear White People-The TV Show

I’ve been in a creative funk recently which is why I haven’t been writing. Maybe it’s because mercury was in retrograde or I was being awfully lazy, but I’m writing now. And I’m writing a lot on this topic.

And I want to respond to the people who are criticizing the new Netflix show, Dear White People for being racist or replying with what if there was a show called Dear Black People. And I think the fact that people are complaining and offended by this show and are responding with, what if we did the same thing? Newsflash,  Dear Black People does exist. It’s the world we’re living in.


This show is pointing out the very prominent issues that white people as a whole represent. White people bought black people here and completely dehumanized, murdered and criminalized and made a mockery out of black people and even though slavery ended, but it still exists just in a different facet. And now it’s something that’s supposed to be swept under the rug because white people do not want to talk about it anymore. But our whole lives have been rooted in trying to overcome prejudice, discrimination, belittlement and hurt because of the color of our skin.  The system is trying to keep us at the bottom, trying to keep us poor, unworthy, insecure, quiet and weak. But we are anything but.

The show is simply highlighting the world we live in. This is reality so to feel this show is hurtful to you because you’re white, this is real life. Imagine living in this world as a person of color, this is your reality all the time, not just feeling this way because of a show. It is real, it is honest and it’s blunt. And black people’s thoughts and opinions have been dismissed for so long so she’s calling out the problems that exist within this racist world we live in.

The show points out the issues with black face, teaching that all men are created equal, using the n word when you’re white, police brutality, etc.

tumblr_op4x96TUKJ1uansxmo1_1280tumblr_op4x96TUKJ1uansxmo7_1280tumblr_op4x96TUKJ1uansxmo8_1280People of color live in a world where it’s normal to be oppressed. It’s normal to know we live in a world that favors white people and enforces eurocentric ideas. So to create a show pointing that out is of all a sudden wrong? If that is a serious issue for you and you believe that, use your privilege to change that. Use your privilege to listen to people of color and speak up for them instead speaking over them and invalidating their truth. 


This revolution, these protests, these shows pointing out obvious issues of racism isn’t a joke, it’s us trying to make change, trying to correct this racist and prejudice system that we live in. When the trailer of the show came on, someone commented, dear black people, where is your dad? Besides the fact that making a joke like is completely low and inhumane, in case you weren’t aware, the justice system is criminalizing black men at alarming rates for trivial offenses. That’s what happening, that’s where all these fathers are. They are eating getting locked up or murdered.  While white men are getting away with murder and rape, black men are getting life for weed. How does one not see the clear issue in racism in this system? If you are a woman, if you are a person of color, an immigrant, if you are LGBTQ+, you can understand how this society does not support you wholeheartedly like they do your straight, white male counterparts and there is protest in being yourself unapologetically when society only supports what you are not. So this is the reality of the world we live in, we cannot thrive and get as far as we want in life,  because of how the system is built. Or rather it is impossible, but the challenges and obstacles are far greater for us. Do not advocate for equality and say everyone is created equally when you are erasing the voices of minorities and complaining when anything remotely offends you that is calling out the truth of racism.  Dear White People, this show is real life and if makes you feel some type of way, do something about it. Make change so this isn’t the world we live in. And for those who are appreciating and spreading the show around, thank you for realizing the truth of what we live in and please help others do the same.


all the love x movesandmountains


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