The Obsession with Brands

We live in a world where people drop an unreasonable amount of money on materialistic items. And these are not items that are justifiably pricey like a television, a laptop but rather clothing, jewelry and items we forget about in 3 months.

People are spending $600+ on a t shirt or a sweater because of the name, because a celebrity created it. And that is just about the biggest display of brainwashing that media has done. Celebrities are taking simple items , putting their name on it and selling it for hundreds and thousands and people are falling for it.

You can get this hoodie and camouflage shirt for probably $50 total, it is not worth going broke over to have extravagant items that do not mean anything, do not provide you with anything substantial in life than other than the second of happiness when you purchase it.

The environment you are raised in and attend school in definitely influences your lifestyle choices and interests. I am lucky enough to have went to an amazing high school that was very liberal, free and open and there was not much of a focus on brands. People had their own quirky style and that was appreciated. But I know there are other schools where everyday you are in a competition with people to see who has the latest sneakers, latest name brand item, etc.

And the unfortunate thing is, a hefty amount of people spending money on these expensive items do not have the luxury to spend it. They buy these fancy clothes but are struggling to put food on the table. Where are the priorities? Is external validation really more important than having a meal to keep you alive, to keep you healthy.

A lot of people who do feel the need to buy expensive brands though are trying to make themselves feel better and make others think higher of them. They are trying to convince the world that they are in different social position than they actually fall into. It’s like life long high school—they just want to appear cooler and more liked by the “popular” kids.

But I think the question is why? Why do you care so much about other’s people perceptions of your own clothes? Wasting money on things that aren’t even worth it. You are putting so much value and meaning into these clothes on your body, when you can spend that same amount of effort on building yourself, your mind, doing what you enjoy, for you.

This is all very fleeting, we do not know when our time is up in this world in these bodies. And it will be terrible to think back on your life and realize you were living it for someone else, to impress others, just to be validated. You are not your clothes and you are better than that for placing value in it. Be a better and kinder person.  Spend that money on things that matter, memories, travel, eating out with friends, things to take care of yourself. Because media is brainwashing you into thinking you need the latest trends; they want your profit and your money and they don’t care if you struggle to pay your rent. But you need to make the change for yourself and realize that spending money on materialistic items is not worth it.

And for some people who constantly work, they may buy luxury items so they have something physical to convince themselves that their endless work is paying off, they have something tangible to remind them of what they earned. And that makes sense. You want to feel accomplished that you worked hard for the money and can spend it on luxury items.

But when those luxury items are plain black hoodies and white t shirts or are only so others think you are cooler and wealthier than you are, then is it really worth it? Is the opinion of a stranger that impact? And if it’s to impress your friends, are they really your friends if you feel the need to keep up with trends so they like you?

And there are people who genuinely have a love for luxury and high end items. And that’s more than okay. If that’s what you want to spend your money on, by all means. But just think about it, do you love high end items because media says high end means better, more luxurious, more wealthy, more well liked or because you think the quality and longevity differs with higher end things?  Sometimes media’s influence and our own thoughts because so intertwined we can’t tell the difference, but just take a minute and think about where it stems from.

The obsession is out of control and celebrities are profiting off their names and everyone is falling for it. Do not let companies and celebrities convince you that you have to buy the latest item, the latest iphone, etc. You do not need it. How sad that people do not realize how much worthier their mind, their thoughts and their opinions are? That is what you should be validated for, what you have to say and how brilliant you are, not how much money you spent on something that won’t matter in a year or will break in 6 months.

If you want unique pieces, shop vintage or second hand and save money and avoid contributing to fast fashion.

all the love x movesandmountains


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