Soul Enriching. 10 Minutes

I’m going to start a new thing on the blog where  I give myself a 10 minute time limit to write a poem and we’ll see what comes out and I’ll post it. Maybe I’ll do it every Friday of the month? We’ll try it out.  And hopefully one day I’ll film it and create some cool shots to go along with it. Okay, On to the poem:

living in a city allows me to have a deeper connection to nature.

there’s trees and parks nearby, but nothing as soul enriching, body engulfing and dirt kissing your feet satisfying that makes your heart thrive.


when i am in that environment, i am in my element and the sides of my mouth are higher than i can remember, and my teeth are visible, shining at the trees and creatures i see, my arms open wide hugging the fresh air, and my feet are trying to take in the rocky and dirty grounds and combat the fast pace it is so often accustomed to living in a city.

because in a city, there is something in your very being that drives you to walk fast, skirting through slow walkers on their phone, even when you have nowhere to go. but when im engulfed in nature, there are no sirens, screams in the seams, there’s just silence and serenity and i take that in. and i tell myself, i dont get this often so soak it up, inhale it, pocket it and remember it. when you’re stressed, overwhelmed, uneasy or anxious, take it out of that pocket and breathe it in and remember how enriching life is or rather how enriching it can be and how much nature gives you. and know that it’ll be okay.


all the love x movesandmountains


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