The Relationship Game.

I have very little experience with relationships and the steps to relationships. And by little I mean none. But I’ve noticed through friends and recently experiencing the steps and overhearing people on the train, it’s all a game and there’s tactics to it.

People worry about texting back too fast.

Wanting that person to spend almost every moment in contact with you

Telling someone they’re beautiful continuously

Leaving them on “read”

Posting on social media so they see there are things going on your life unrelated to them

Posting pictures to get them jealous

And it all seems so foolish to me.  This guy recently started talking to me and I was at work, he sent one text message, two minutes went by and he sent another, wow, you are not going to answer me? 

literally two minutes. I was taken aback and immediately thinking this is not going to work. i am not obligated to respond to you in a given amount of time. I am not on 24/7 call/text duty. I will respond when I do and the fact that we obsess over the time period it takes for someone to respond to us is unfathomable. Unless we’re making plans that are on a time crunch, there’s no need to expect for someone to be obligated to answer within 5 minutes. We complain people are always on technology, yet when they aren’t, its strange or frustrating.

People post pictures on social media to make the person they’re seeing or their ex jealous and there’s just so much energy spent on another person and making them feel negatively, and it’s not worth it. If you put that much energy into making yourself feel good, your soul will be shining and you will be that much more happier.

It’s like there’s a system of how you are supposed to act in the steps to a relationship, during and after and if you don’t, it’s weird, abnormal and you’re playing games or hard to get. But I refuse to succumb to these senseless pressures of texting times and laughing at stupid jokes and you telling me im beautiful every three seconds, like it’s sweet but  I get the point.  I am not obligated to be fascinated and intrigued by you, and if I refuse to abide by these expectations and standards, then you should accept them or move on.

-can you tell this was a rant from a recent experience. i dont like the games and expectations, let me chill and we’ll all be chill 🙂

all the love x movesandmountains


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