Why Are More People Coming Out?

People are coming out left and right, everyday and publicizing it online and we’re seeing it constantly. People coming to terms with their identities and letting others know they are lesbian, gay, bi, asexual, trans, gnc, etc. We are living at a time where people are learning to be proud and out about their identity and it’s a beautiful thing but why.

A lot of uneducated people think people are just saying they are gay for a trend or it’s the thing that millennials do or it’s a phase. But why are more people coming out and exploring their sexual orientation or identity now?

Besides the obvious fact, that as an overall population, people are more accepting so people are finally allowed to live proud and open up about this repressed part of themselves, our generation realizes the importance of a short life. We understand that this  is all fleeting and generations before us lived so structured, afraid to live outside of the confines and expectations that society has built, but we are creating new ways and routes to make money, new ways to express ourselves, new inventions and creations. We are more open minded and free than I think ever before.

We grow up and we are taught boys like girls and girls like boys and that only boys and girls exist, that there is no other way to identify, that there is no other gender. And now we know that this isn’t true, and we question everything else we’ve been taught. Why can’t girls like girls and boys like boys and people not identify as either boy or girl. Who made these rules?

We have learned to question everything and if we don’t agree with it, why not create our own rule and norms and live life for ourselves. And when we see more people being open about their identity, we know that is a possibility. It goes back to representation. When a queer youth sees queer people being represented in real life and mainstream media, they know its possible, they see ourselves in others and can put the pieces together. Some people never realize they are queer because they aren’t exposed to it and do not know how to identify their feelings. This is why representation is so vital.

So yeah, people now are more open to trying new things, if they are attracted to someone of the same sex, why not try dating them and see if it’s something you are into and you may realize through experience that in fact, this is what you want and you do identify as something other than straight. And that’s okay. For you to have thought you were straight and suddenly realize through attraction or an experience, that that’s not the case. That you like the same sex. Or you realize you do not have sexual attraction at all. We know this is all fleeting and why waste time settling for other’s expectations and mold of you. You’re allowed to explore your identity and yourself and it all wont matter when we are no longer here. So at least we can appreciate and live wholeheartedly with the time we have left.

all the love x movesandmountains


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