Law of Attraction: 10 Minutes

The concept of Law of Attraction is kind of incredible, to manifest and control your mindset to create the things you want in life.

Whether that’s like minded friends, making amends, the right partner,  more travel, you are connecting with the universe and doing what you can to make things happen.

And how incredible that we’re in sync with the stars and the galaxy and making things our reality. And we can place ourselves into situations and feel this vibration, allowing us to create this manifestation.   But the law of attraction is not feasible and a reality for all people.

There’s a certain level of privilege you need to have to belief in the law of attraction. To believe that if you think enough and speak enough about what you want and work towards it and believe the universe will help you, it will. But how we’re sadly mistaken because i encourage you to tell someone who is homeless, a refugee, an abused child that if they manifest, if they believe in the universe, if they change their mindset, place themselves in a different situation, the things they want will be attracted to them. it’s like telling a depressed person, stop being sad, just start smiling and put yourself in a positive environment. and it’s not that easy for everyone, it’s predominantly a westernized viewpoint. some people can try and try and be positive and want a change and be wishing and crying and wanting what they imagine, but it’s not feasible and it’s unreasonable to think because it’s out of their control.

And when creators talk about law of attraction, it is something that often goes unmentioned, unrecognized because we are coming from a place of privilege to think something and put ourselves in a position and it’s more likely to happen. Everyone does not posses that freedom to physically move in an area that will attract good things. For some, it’s just pure luck and this is how life plays out. we all have our fates and our destinies and when enforcing a mindset, be aware when informing those in a not such privileged place.

i am not against the law of attraction, i think it works when we have the luxury and live a life of privilege to believe in this. but i think we often dont recognize that. inspired by kristen leo’s latest video.

all the love x movesandmountains


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