Normalize Body Hair on Women

More women have been embracing their body hair, the way their body naturally is, what society so often shames, what society often deems as messy and dirty, women are taking their bodies back.

Trends go in and out and ideal body types continue to change but it seems as if cleanly shaven women continues to be a theme. Women are supposed to be hairless emulating delicate and perfected creatures which we are far from.

body-hair-slide1-anna-sudit.jpg (640×427)

This concept is so embedded in society that women are raised to believe that body hair is gross and you’re supposed to shave, and these norms have unconsciously pushed up to be grossed out or deterred from seeing women with body hair. Over 99% of American women choose to remove their body hair. Shaving your body hair is a very westernized viewpoint among other superficial things. But why are certain body hairs acceptable and others not? Or men are allowed to embrace and encouraged to grow body hair and women have to put in the effort, time and money to make sure their bodies are bare?

Most women who shave typically do not want to shave. They shave for others, so their peers do not judge them or for the guy or person they are dating or looking to impress. Shaving is time consuming and annoying so why do we succumb to these expectations and norms. These norms are so embedded in our culture, that we start to feel bad about our body hair and as soon as it grows back, girls shave it immediately, disgusted by their own hair. And it becomes so unfamiliar and distant to them, they are not able to associate with it or even know the length it is capable of growing because it’s shaven off before it can grow. That being said, I am not shaming women who do shave but I encourage them to question why and encourage them to not and see how it makes them feel. If we all stopped shaving, how revolutionary that would be for others to have to accept that women grow body hair, women are human and we are not perfect!!

original-21690-1453195356-9.jpg (800×1000)

And if there are guys or friends who do not like it, who comment or make fun of it, you know they are not interested in you for you, and  that should not be the type of person you want to be surrounded by.

When it comes to your genitals, a lot of women are afraid of how men will perceive them or how it can affect their sex life but I’d like to share words from Kuwilileni who works at  Buzzfeed. She shares her experience about dating and being a woman who does not shave, ” It stops douchebags from talking to you from the get go because most men that ascribe to traditions, patriarchy and misogyny are going to be turned off by women who dont shave.” So really, you’re just eliminating all the unworthy people who are placing value in the hair that grows naturally from your body

original-20180-1453196086-3.jpg (715×762)

That being said, I dont shave very often, I go months at a time without shaving and may feel like shaving occasionally but as conscious I am about these pressures, it’s always a work in progress in being proud about your body hair, and not tucking your legs from peoples’ viewpoints or wearing long shirts to hide your hairy armpits. But the movement of women embracing their body hair is revolutionary especially when it’s not just white women. We will continue to fight these expectations and perfected ideas that have been placed on us. We are far from perfect but yet still beautiful

the animations are by Ayqa Khan and the last by Rupi Kaur.

all the love x movesandmountains


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