Religion and Spirituality. 10 Minutes

This is all very fleeting.

We have no way of knowing its all over or what its all about. But we all have core things in common: Stories

Stories to get us by. Whether that is reading a book, watching your favorite show, a movie, youtube, the bible, religion or spirituality. It’s all stories. It’s something that humans typically make up and believe in, to make life a bit easier to live, to give it some sort of meaning.

Thats all we’re doing, finding meaning to this world we’re placed in.  We’ve been placed on this floating rock for decades to figure things out but we dont know why. We’re trying to find reasons why we exist here or believe in stories that can tell us why.

Image result for space tumblr

But they dont because it’s all just that, a story and an experience. But I encourage you to believe in whatever helps you find purpose. As long as its not rooted in hate, indulge.

Binge on your shows, watch as many films as you desire, practice religion as you please, believe in one, many or no gods, whatever makes life a little easier, a little better and makes you a little happier. Indulge because thats what you have to live for. Binge on those moments that get you by. because after all, it is just fleeting.

all the love x movesandmountains


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